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What is the Bronzed Box?

      It is a monthly subscription box containing sample tanning lotions and  accessories.  Every month you will receive

      3 core products made up of tanning lotions and two other accessories or products related to beauty and tanning.


How much does it cost?

     $20/per month, prices may vary according to the specials offered at that time. If you subscribe for a year you  are

     only charged for 11 months, which means a FREE BOX, awesome right?


How do I subscribe to Bronzed Box?

      Click SUBSCRIBE in the top of the site and select the subscription plan that best suites you! Remember that a

      yearly subscription gets you one free box!


When do I have to subscribe by?

   In order to receive the next box you must sign up by the 20th of the current month ( i.e. in order to receive

   February's box you must sign up by January 20th) but DON'T WORRY, if you sign up after the 20th you will just

   start receiving the box the next month.


How can I find larger versions of my products?

         Contact us directly by email at info@bronzedbox.com or visit our section of the website dedicated  to our different

         brands to find the best way to purchase.


Are there Shipping Fees?

  Bronzed Box comes with FREE shipping so just pick the best plan for you and start enjoying!


When will I receive my box?

      The Bronzed Box is shipped on the 25th of each month. (arrives in 2-5 business days)


What if my Box does not arrive?

         If you have received your shipping confirmation number and you do not receive your box within 3-5 days contact

         info@bronzedbox.com so we can help you!


What are the subscription lengths?

      Month to month, 3 months, 6 months, yearly


Can I cancel my subscription?

      Yes, login and cancel your account. (be sure to cancel 5 days before the renewal date to  avoid cancellation fee)


Is Bronzed Box available outside the US?

         Unfortunately Bronzed Box is only available inside the US at this time.



Monthly Tanning Lotion Subscription


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